Friday, 17 June 2011


Thursdays Ground Fighting Class

Class started with the usual warm up of shrimping, bridging and our movement drills.
We then covered our breakfalls, front, back and sideways. Then onto getting back to our feet, forward, forward and kicking or turn and sprint. Once we'd had enough of that we looked at release from a choke whilst on our back, attacker on there knees to our side.
With the choke on we pluck the attackers hand and push them away with the other, space created we insert our knee and push them away further allowing us to the use the bicycle kick to finish before escaping using one of the three get up techniques we had looked at earlier.

Once that was done onto the ground fighting. Tonight we went back to working on striking, this time from our opponents guard. Guy in guard working with punches only, opponent looking for wrist control or some other way to tie up the hands of the striker. Both in the pair had a chance to be the attacker then we changed partners and did the same again.

Great effort from all the guys in attendance. Great Class.

Scott M

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