Friday, 24 June 2011


After a quick run around the park we started working on the ground looking at defences against various holds and positions we may find ourselves in if we fall during an encounter, or are thrown or pulled to the ground. We also looked at defensive positions should we become overwhelemed with attackers on the ground and how to get up as safely as possible.

Afterwards I had a friend in who is doing a charity boxing match in August. He was wanting some sparring practice so myself and Dimitri went through a few drills with him and some rounds of sparring. The guy is older but a great all round athlete, hits like a bear. I was using Scott's headguard at one point to really work in close but It kept slipping and I couldn't see a thing. I was getting hit with everything so took it off in the end. I would rather see the punches coming and risk the knockout than just stand there blind. Got some of the sparring on video, so we will keep doing this each week and check out John's progress. If anyone else wants to volunteer to spar then let me know. The guy weighs about 112kg but is dropping weight. He is solid and hits hard, but don't let that put you off.

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