Friday, 6 May 2011


Tonight at Krav Maga Edinburgh the guys started of with a killer warm up provided courtesy of Big Lee. 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats followed by 100 swings of the kettlebell!! All done straight through to the end of the 100 before you could move onto the next exercise. Amazing effort by the guys and everyone managed with time left to spare.

After the warm-up the class got into pairs and we started with a look at the 360 defence throwing in a simultaneous strike. From there we moved into the clinch, as we pulled our opponent into the clinch we looked at using out shoulder to inflict a little more damage before delivering 2 knees to the groin or legs and then disengaging.
We then looked at defending a shot on the legs using footwork or our sprawl, each were followed up by counter-strikes. We then looked at the use of the guillotine choke from the top position after the sprawl and how this can be used as a finishing choke or a control to return to your feet, followed by more strikes and a footpin to finish before making good our escape.

We then chained it all together with the defender using the 360 defence, into the clinch, knees, disengage but the attacker persists and shoots in for the takedown. The defender, using the sprawl then locked in the choke using the attackers retreat as the momentum to get back to their feet, once on there feet a swift kick to the groin or footpin and safely on there way from a dangerous situation!

All in all a great class with 100% effort from all in attendance. Well done guys!

Next came the new Ground Fighting class. As it was the first class we kept it simple and just ran through some drills to get the guys moving a little more fluid on the ground.
First the guys used the shrimping movement up and down the floor, a few guys found it difficult to start but managed to get the body mechanics down proper. A bit of bridging and into shrimping the length of the gym with a partner sitting in mount, hard work but a great drill.
Next up was a position changing drill. starting from their opponents guard the guys then passed guard into side control, scarf hold, north/south, scarf hold, side control into mount. The guy on the bottom then used the bridge and roll to end up in the others guard and took his turn at the drill. Again great effort and understanding from the guys, some who had no ground experience at all.

Then onto the good stuff. We looked at our attacker being in our guard, defending the attack and picking our moment to counter, control the wrist (we drilled both sides) and deliver strikes such as destroying the arm, eye strikes punches or elbows which opened the space to apply the figure 4 armlock. Once we had the lock we then looked at using it to break then control our opponent as we delivered further strikes then disengaged from the situation.

Great effort by the guys at this class and some had even been at the previous Krav class also. All in all a great success for a first class. Hope to see you there next week for some more Krav Ground Fighting goodness!

Scott M

Hope this OK for you mate and its not to long!

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