Friday, 19 November 2010

Krav Maga Edinburgh

what an effort by all the guys that came along and enjoyed the retro night of fun games and quality training.

We kicked the class of with some stretching and light bodyweight drills to get us all warmed up. Once we achieved this, we jumped straight into every ones favourite the 'Nazi'. This brought about the fatigue that I was looking for and we jumped straight onto outside attacks with the defender using a simultaneous strike to combat the attack.
We then jumped into the 'Ring of Death'. For all of you have tried this its a great way of simulating a multiple attack. You quickly have to turn the aggression on and get out of there!

With fatigue setting in and having to really dig deep to get through it, we hit the floor and wrestled with our partner until there was a winner. At this point there was a little blood and nausea which was great! This shows the students were really applying themselves into the class.

That was the point of this evenings training. Most fights don't look like a kickboxing match. It happens fast and if there are multiple opponents it gets very messy and fatigue will set in.

I hope all the guys enjoyed this evening class and were able to work out what it was they were training. It was a journey into just how far you can push yourself when the body says NO!

Indomitable Spirit

In martial arts indomitable spirit is generally considered to be a refusal to be beaten, no matter how tough, talented or big your opponent may be. However it is not only about being beaten by people.

In pursuit of our ambitions in life be we will inevitably meet obstacles and problems. Some may be minor and others seem insurmountable.

It is easy and pleasant to work on an ambition when all appears to be going your way, you will feel confident and optimistic about the outcome.

However the times when we meet obstacles are when the strength of our indomitable spirit will dictate how far we get..

The strength of indomitable spirit varies from individual to individual and project to project. I’m sure we all know people who will not be beaten and other who give in quite easily.

Well done everyone who came along!


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