Monday, 29 November 2010


A big congratualtions to Lee Faetz who is now a full instructor in Tactical Edge. After a two year training apprenticeship he passed his final phase yesterday up at TE HQ in Arbroath. An eventful weekend which saw us trapped in car overnight, with fruit and water rationing and even some food poisoning on the way up on Sunday which saw Pete and Lee being sick in the car at the same time. It really was a weekend to remember. I am super proud of Lee for all the effort he has put into his training, for his performance yesterday at testing and for all his hard work and help at the club. We wouldn't have Combat Ready today if it wasn't for him. A big well done to all the other guys who passed the course. Looking forward to some training with you all soon. And a big thank you to Mr Davies, who without him we wouldn't him we wouldn't have the system.

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