Sunday, 16 May 2010


A big thank you to you Mark Davies for coming to Edinburgh yesterday and holding the edged weapons defence seminar. Guys from Edinburgh and Glasgow were put through the most advanced edged weapons defence available. The seminar started working on the hubud drill, both left and right side and how to change between them. Mark then introduced the first set of three quick strips. So we used hubud as a fight simulator and tried to pick up the hand as it was in a flurry of motion without the help of any strong striking to back us up. n So this made it harder than real life as we would normally have a definite line of attack and our striking tools to help neutralise and stun an attacker. From there we used hubud again and looked at the 3 strips again but this time it was strip and retain the weapon to bring the individual into a position of negotiation. Mark used the wall as an environmental tool and showed various ways of controlling someone and projecting them into the wall. Mark was quick to point out the legal ramifications of if you manage to disarm an attacker you cannot simply go wild with his weapon as the immediate threat to life has ceased. We looked at the traditional battlefield applications of the material and how we could tone it down for present day. Also, keep in mind you can use the butt of the weapon as an impact tool. From there we looked at our passing actions and how we required to have a sticking energy. A good point to note was that you had to get an honest energy from your training partner. All to often after a few reps your training partner isn't really trying to bury that knife in you so the drills or scenarios are fowled. Nobody in real life will try and miss you and when they are armed they won't be that hesitant to attack you. Remember, you are the victim, it's not sparring, someone is trying to do you harm. We finished the day with some wonderful close range threats. Mark provided the guys with some great tools and emphasised the need to take them away and drill them, make them your own. In self defence training there is nothing more important than learning how to survive a knife attack. Expect to get cut but that is a million times better than having something stuck in your neck. We live in a country where our own Government Ministers say knife crime is endemic and it will take in excess of 10 years to change the culture. So, get training now!! Thank you Mark. Pictures from the day to follow shortly.

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