Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Tonight we started off working with the kettlebells and bodyweight drills. The guys did fantastically working through thirty minutes of conditioning with only a one minute break. It's not a bootcamp, you go at your own pace but the guys all put in fantastic effort. Then it was on to padwork working straight and hooking palm heel strikes. We focused on dealing with hooking attacks and using the straight blast limb destruction and then further striking tools before using various takedowns. We looked at some of the failure drills if our takedown fails for whatever reason. Perhaps we read the energy wrong and try and force a headunder however, the person twists out of this so we are end up in a chest to back position. We used a knee strike to the lower back and then used our rear neck whip. Next we looked at a nice little combat set where we lightly attacked the eyes into destroying the persons equilibrium by using a cupped ear strike. From there we broke the plain and used a reinforced hammer strike to the pubic bone. We started looking at a tactic for dealing with multiple attackers by once we come off one attacker we break the plain and change direction to confuse and protect ourselves. We can use this tactic when we don't take a hostage. We then worked in threes so we used the pre-emtive strikes on one opponent and then broke the plain and came up to intercept a hooking strike from another attacker. It was a good skill building drill to finish with and take various concepts from.

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