Sunday, 7 February 2010


Tonight saw the start of the introduction to grappling class.
As this was the first night we went over the ground rules and focused specific techniques from throughout the syllabus to give a taster of what’s in store for the following weeks. We started with a light warm up and some sport specific stretching. Once everyone was suitably warmed up we paired off and tore straight into it. From mount we worked on the Americana on both left and right side. Once the guys had a feel for that we then switched to attacking from the guard and worked on the Kimura, again on both left and right arms. From there we went onto armbars from both mount and guard. We then had a very quick look at various chokes including the guillotine and rear naked choke, which we'll look at more in depth in the coming weeks. Then we moved onto the Triangle Choke from the guard, which the guys drilled back and forth for a while. To finish the class we did some positional sparring with one guy trying to keep the dominant position and the other trying to defend and reverse, which lets the guys get a feel for moving and controlling their opponent. Thanks to all who attended, everyone seemed to really enjoy the class. A lot of info for you guys to take in, but all managed and performed really well. Next week will be more specific and will consist of only 2 or 3 techniques worked from various positions and will end with a little sparring.
See you next week!

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