Friday, 6 March 2009

Thursday at Krav Maga Edinburgh

A great big welcome to the new girls that came along to the Women's conditioning and self-defence class last night. In the class we covered some Kettlebell and bodyweight drills that looked like it hit the right spot! We then moved onto some pad drills and then focused on clothing grabs. Showing techniques that involve keeping the hands of the attacker on you and then some where you release yourself from the attacker.

We still have places available so please come along.

In the intermediate class we focused solely on pressure testing and finding out about "our fighting spirit". The class went through 5 drills that really opened their eyes to what happens when you have been pushed to total exhaustion and then on top of that being attacked by multiple attackers. All the guys did really well and in the future we will introduce more drills along those lines.

The next class was the turn of the newbies as such. As the intermediates were having so much fun I decided to change the warm up to incorporate a little "Gladiator style" training. Up jumped (as Marcus refers to them) Giaganto and Ram Man along with the Bear. Objective, to get past these man mountains. Again, everyone did great at this drill so well done!

Please remember that all students of the club that have been coming along for over a month need to invest in a Krav Maga club T-shirt (£10). This is a small amount that is vital so that we can keep equipping the classes with equipment.


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