Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tuesday At Krav Maga Edinburgh

Last nights beginners class looked at pad work, take downs and foot pins. We then started free lancing against various attacks. Loads of stuff to take home and practice easily in your own time without the need to be throwing someone around.

The intermediate class covered the majority of the takedowns form Tactical Edge and then ran situationals against straight attacks, elliptical attacks, clothing grabs and chokes. The fight class started stand up, looked at some of the ground game and finished off with some padded weapon work.

Remember the new t-shirts are in stock so please make an effort to get suited and booted and get everyone looking the same. All the cash gets put back into training and kit for the club. Next week will see us using the skipping ropes and the kettlebells in the warm ups.

Lee and Rannoch are away thinking up some fun sessions for us.


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