Saturday, 29 November 2008

Wednesdays Class

In Lee’s absence I was forced to beast the guys with the kettlebells and bodyweight drills. Started working on the pads with some fast entries and then looked at destructions from the Tactical Edge syllabus. We then put it all nicely together and ran some multiple attacker drills in preparation for the grading next week.

Tactical Edge had a good turnout with 16 guys. We started working on the pads and then moved onto some un-armed combatives covering elliptical and straight attacks. We went over some takedowns including the head tilt and rear neck whip. For some fun we got the padded sticks out and did some sparring. With an honour system in place, if you got tagged you dropped the weapon and allowed the opponent to follow up on you. I stressed that this wasn’t self defence however, we could take attributes from it that are transferable. All in all a fun packed night!


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