Monday, 17 November 2008

Tactical Edge Seminar@Krav Maga Edinburgh


Another fantastic seminar by Mark Davies on Saturday, this time on improvised weapons. We started the day looking at elliptical attacks and how we could only deal with these by moving one particular way. We then moved on to fluid angles which meant we could go live side or dead side. We were taught to think more about the angle of attack as opposed to the attack itself. If we have a different response for armed, un-armed, edged or impact weapon attacks then we were onto a loser. Combat is too fast and fluid for us to have the luxury of different responses to each individual attack. Instead, we deal with the angle and then slightly tweak the response as we go. We also presume that there is a weapon involved, that way we are not surprised, secondly we also presume that there are multiple attackers.

The limb destruction principle was introduced and this moved on nicely to using the coffee cup as a means of destruction. The whole point of the day was to think conceptually, so yes, we could do the defence empty hand, with a coffee cup or with anything else we can hold in our hand that is of similar size. We then moved on to the simple walking stick. Again, we looked at various ways of employing this against common attacks. We then moved onto flexible weapons and the use of the dog lead. Again, if you don’t have a dog lead think conceptually, a belt, a bandana, cable a rolled up t-shirt. Mark then showed us some tricks of the trade with the fork and credit card. Unfortunately, I am not going into detail with these. You need to come along to get all the good info. If you take anything away from the day, then it is to think conceptually. Before I trained with Mark it was all just kicking, punching, blocking and trying to overwhelm an attacker, all of which repels the attackers limbs. How can I expect to take control of someone if I keep knocking them away. And its not enough to say, you are a civilian, hit him and run away home safely. Every time I strike you, you simply move further away. When there is distance, there is opportunity. If I knock you away and we go back to kicking range then I have to enter back in to defeat you which tactically makes no sense. I’m only 31 but already I have aches and pains – who doesn’t. I need a system that will work for me when I am athletic and when I am older and less mobile. I can’t in my 60’s say this system no longer works I need to find something else. I want a system that will transcend age and Tactical Edge is that system. For all the big guys in the club that say I will just bulldozer the guy then that’s fine for 3 out of 10 encounters. The other 7 might involve a weapon which is unforgiving. Again, you can’t get realistically get away with that style of defence as you get older .Do yourself a big favour and get along and train in Tactical Edge. I guarantee that you wont be disappointed.


  1. seminar was totally absorbing the instruction and advice is second to none. if you are reading this mark thanks its much appreciated the time and effort you put in with us. for the guys who are unsure about tactical edge you need to sample the goods on the 10th of december for goodness sake get along its free and you wont be disappointed. also if you think it might be too much for you because you are new to the club i can reassure you mark will meet your needs at whatever level you are and some more.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, and learned a lot, like all of Marks seminars! This particular one was especially good for raising Bourne-like 'hey look, everythings a weapon!' skillz.

    Hope you guys that couldn't make it attend future ones. I don't know about you lot but I find it a easier to consume and internalise lessons & techniques from the seminars compared to regular classes as my mind is fresher at the weekend not having a full day's worth of brain-frying work still all up there!

    I find this occasional training on a different surface also useful as while it's great to train in the judo club with it's softer surface, it's also good to remember what it's like to fall on a non-padded one.

    The next day I kept finding bruises thinking 'where the hell did that come from? I normally bounce!'

    Or were they from you Craig, getting your own back? ;)
    Thanks for being a great training parter!

  3. Brilliant seminar , you get so much knowledge from it , the tactical edge system is easy to learn. It just shows that weapons don t have to be knifes , guns etc , Was amazed a coffe cup could be used, brilliant seminar mark