Monday, 3 November 2008

Marcus Houston's Krav Maga Edinburgh regulars will have the dubious pleasure of my company this coming Wednesday (5th November 18.30-19.30) when I will be introducing the uninitiated to the heart of Kettlebell training - The Swing. I know Lee has been making serious inroads with club members, this Wednesday I simply want to make sure you understand just how important this aspect of your training really is.

Marcus is one of the most progressive instructors I have had the pleasure to train with. He's also the first Instructor to introduce Kettlebells as a conditioning tool in Edinburgh.

The reasoning is simple.


The most effective way to amp up your power is to move weights rapidly. Power can be thought of as the speed your nerves communicate to your muscles and how quickly they respond and apply force. We need to train as fast as we are physically capable of. But we also need to do it safely. Enter the Kettlebell...

The kettlebell swing focuses on generating power form the ground up. Through the feet, knees and hips we can create a kinetic chain that results in superior "fire power". The same mechanics we use to throw a strike.

There is no other method that transfers so completely to the combat arena. From the Spetsnaz Russian Special Forces, USMC, US Secret Service to Fedor, BJ & Couture...this stuff works.

Safety is paramount. We'll spend out time simply focusing on the most basic drills. If you take your MA training seriously this will seriously improve your game.

In one workout we can combine -

· Strength

· Speed

· Endurance

· Coordination

· Flexibility

Strength + Speed = Power

Coordination + Flexibility = Agility

And F = MxA


Kettle Bells Scotland

Further to this post the class on Wed will run from 18.30 to 20.30 for everyone who is a member of Krav Maga Edinburgh. One hour KBs and one hour Krav Maga.


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