Friday, 24 October 2008

krav maga edinburgh

On Wednesday we kicked off the class with the kettlebells and then it was straight into the pads. We looked at getting a lot out of the pads not only by striking them and imaging them to be a target area but then using the arms as what they are and clearing or trapping and then working on the pad holder themselves. An example was that we opened up with a palm heel and elbow strike combo and then snatching the pad down to work on the knees. We started disengaging here but then I thought lets play a little further.
So after we have kneed, the pad holders arm is down in front of him so I had the guys either trap that limb and work on striking the head or pulling the limb through and working behind the pad holder. I just wanted to get as much as I could out the drill and get people thinking a little more.

On Monday we had concentrated strongly on Mark Davies’s Tactical Edge system so I kept the momentum up that night. We looked at the returning blades system for dealing with knife threats and then moved on to using the palm stick which I demonstrated could be a pen or pencil, a bottle, you are only bound by your own imagination. All throughout the evening I also showed the Krav Maga equivalents. I said to the guys that KM is designed to be learned quickly by everyone and uses gross motor skills so you don’t need constant repetition. Therefore, if all we did was that why would you need to keep coming back to training. You should know it all already and be proficient! We need something that will challenge us and allows us to grow and develop in our own way as an individual not a once size fits all. That’s why we look to train in Tactical Edge. More than that it’s simply interesting to delve into the many areas and systems that TE comprises of. Mark has a huge knowledge across a broad spectrum and continues to train in a variety of systems and Arts which he distils and brings to us via Tactical Edge and his seminars. If you haven’t had a chance yet to get to one then jump on board. Lots of people from across the country check out this blog every week. Why not, just get in touch and come and train at one of the seminars. This isn’t about making money for us, we don’t operate a closed shop approach. We simply want people to come along and train in this system and enjoy it. So the gauntlet has been thrown down, pick up your skirt grab your balls and get along to the next seminar. Remember we have Mark Davies’s improvised weapons seminar coming up in November. More info will be available in class next week or if you want some information and you don’t train get in touch. Email at or call Marcus on 07809157200

We can provide travel information, costs etc. Everyone knows and loves Edinburgh – make a weekend of it.

Rannoch Donald of Kettlebells Scotland was in training in Tactical Edge on Wed and offered to come down and go over the basics of the kettlebells in class with the guys. I’m going to get Rannoch down in the next few weeks so everyone should get along to a Wed evening and we can go over them. Rannoch runs monthly workshops – check out Kettle Bells Scotland for more info. Remember we cover the basics in class but the workshop is the real deal. Most of the KM guys have been along to them in the past at one point or another. You also have the Sunday KB and conditioning class with Lee to further your training.


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