Wednesday, 22 October 2008

krav maga edinburgh

Last night we started off with the kettlebells and then straight into some pad work. We focused on pre-emptive strikes and looked at the psychology behind striking first and how this was difficult for the majority of us given our up bringing, morals etc. Andy Farr helpfully expanded on the psychology aspects and we then worked some situationals.
We then looked at some of the Mark Davies’s Blackbelt Academies material. We looked at the U-strip and how we could apply this against firearm and edged weapon. We then went on to look at one of the firearm defences that Mark Davies’s demonstrated at one of his previous seminars in Edinburgh. The fighting class stayed “stand up” last night and we worked the pads then onto some sparring. I said last night that all the guys still looked fresh at the end of the class and still had plenty fight left in them. It was good to see that conditioning and fighting spirit has really ramped up in the last couple of weeks. I was very happy with the effort and skill I saw last night.

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