Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh

Mondays are the new Wednesdays. Huge turnout at the class so we just dived straight into it.
Well done to the new guys that came to the class last night. You picked up the combatives and successfully implemented them throughout the night.

Combat Ready started the night off and it looked like Rannoch went out with a bang! Keep checking the blog for further details of when this class will be returning. In the meantime, Sundays fitness class is on the Meadows Playing fields at 5pm.

Tonight's class was elbows and then more elbows. Great set of close range tools and how devastating they can be if used correctly. So, you've used the elbows now its time to take them down. We covered the balling ball take-down and the importance of being chest to back! This opens up so many more options for us.

Monday is now named Fight Monday! This class looks at how we can implement some of the tools that we learn at class. This is not self- defence but just a taster at what its like in the "fight".


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