Friday, 19 September 2008

krav maga edinburgh

Another solid performance from the guys. A particularly heavy conditioning class so well done guys. It's all good and well learning the techniques but if you get gassed out after 2 seconds then, was it really worth it?

We kicked off the class with some pad drills and different combinations utilising palm heel strikes, elbows and knees. Then you delved into defence against the straight punch. Not just trapping or deflecting the hand but deflecting, clearing and striking all in one fluid movement. I thought this was a great movement and could see how this was a marked improvement on the old way of just trapping the hand and striking.
This is when the class parted company and I started working with the new members. We focused in on Level 1 and basic movements, striking and the good old 360 defence. Hows the forearms?
Finishing the class with some sparring and a little wrestling.
Remember class times are a changing!

Fitness and conditioning class with Kettlebells is on the Meadows at 5pm this Sunday. Don't be late.


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