Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh

Last night Lee put the guys through their paces with a circuit that involved kettlebells, weights, rope climbs and body weight exercises. After this we had to split the class in two as we had a lot of new guys along. Lee concentrated on the new guys and took them through some basic defences and defensive posturing. The other guys looked at multiple attacks and we covered drills where we had fouled up and fallen or stumbled in the midst of an attack and how we could regain a strong position. The class finished off with Lee covering some ground work. Great effort by everyone.

There are spaces available for the Mark Davies seminar this Saturday at the Energy Gym in Edinburgh. Mark will be covering close quarter combat and the use of the tactical flashlight and stinger. Remember everything is conceptual so a pen or rolled up magazine can also be used as well as empty hand. Support the organisation here by getting yourself along to this event. Mark spends a lot of his time abroad training with Master at Arms James A. Keating who is the worlds foremost authority on edged weapons. Mark is an instructor under James Keating and has a massive amount to bring to the table. Save yourself the time and money of having to go train with Mark in Arbroath or having to go to the U.S. by simply coming along to the seminar in Edinburgh. The greater the support we can give Mark the more we can expect from him in the future. This seminar is for complete novices to the regular guys who train in Tactical Edge. It’s a great insight into what we as an organisation offer in terms of cutting edge reality based training. Look back on the blog for full seminar details or just ask myself or Lee for more info.

I promise t-shirts are in production! Rannoch Donald www.kettlebellsscotland.com is responsible so please shout at him in future and not me. My hands are tied. You know what Rannoch is like, if he can’t swing it then it’s on the bottom of his to-do list.

Can everyone please bring trainers with them on Wednesday night (3 Sept). We are also going to have a quick ten minute brain storming session to see how we can further better develop the training. So it’s just a case of shouting out what works, what you like, what you don’t, and what you would like to see more off then we can try and shape programmes accordingly. So no blank faces on Wed night please.

Can anyone who is not paying by direct debit please bring in bank details so we can set agreements up. I need you to complete a form which will only take five minutes.

Can the new guys training please make sure that you are wearing a groin guard and a gum shield. You can get a groin guard from us for £10 or you can get them on-line on ebay – just get one from somewhere. You can pick up a gum shield at any sports store. Accidents happen and dentistry is more expensive than a rubber guard for your gnashers.


Marcus & Lee

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  1. I enjoyed the multiple attacking part of the class. For me it was a good shake up from the 'try to get the aggressors in a line' mentality as that situation won't always be possible so under pressure I shouldn't put too much mental effort into looking for an opening when busting straight through a group may be the quickest way to safety.