Thursday, 11 September 2008

GRADING SUCCESS at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Wednesday night was grading night so the class was bursting at the seams. A huge effort by all to make it along to the class when the home nations are playing football. A special well done to the new members of the club who came along and worked through the grading system and performed especially well.

We had students being assessed in four different levels:

Level 1
Milos Cucakovic
Andrew Donald

Level 2
Rachel Goulding
Stuart Rowan
Richard McIntosh
John Paterson
Craig Fogg
Jarek Perzylo
Kamil Wilk
Rafal Rychcik “Bear”

Level 3
Michael Carnie
David Wilson
Gabor Patyi

Level 4
Will Howlett
Luckasz Kaminski
Scott Mellia
Matthew D. McTernan
Stephen Jackson
Jon Keast
Eugene Carey
Alasdair Menzies
John Murphy

and we are pleased to announce that all the guys passed their respective grades! Well done. The work is not over just yet though. Marcus's feedback to the guys was that the technique is there, but now lets make the movements a lot more fluid and clinical.

As a reward to the class the last part was either sparring or wrestling. It looked like the guys enjoyed it the most. We managed one blood injury so I was a little disappointed in you guys.

Remember class is on Monday at 7:30pm with Combat Ready starting at 6:30pm.

Sundays fitness class will be on the Meadows Playing field at 5pm sharp! Meeting point is the entrance to the tennis courts. This is a great way of supplementing your training as we cover conditioning and pad work.

Photos of the nights grading will be published over the next few days.



  1. cheers to all the guys who graded, what a nite, i hope everyone is aching as much as me

  2. Just a staved thumb off Gabor's collar bone!

  3. just a thought and i mean just a thought, but i think we need to update our photos and vids on this site, some of the stuff is dated now.i appreciate that we have stuff on the facebook site but not everyone visiting the site has a facebook account.