Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Class Krav Maga Edinburgh

Krav Maga Edinburgh welcomes the new students who came to class last night. It's always great to see new members join the club. If you stick around you will see why we are one of the leading Krav Maga clubs in the UK. We focus heavily on fitness using Kettlebelss, self defence techniques and then applying those skills in drills with multiple attackers.

Last nights class kicked off with a trademark Lee warm up that got the boys and girls in a sweat. A little fitness and some wrestling games to start the night off.

The class then worked on the pads applying palm heel strikes, elbows and some good old knees. This week is grading week so the class broke up into Level 1-4. Marcus looked after the old timers and I took the Level 1-2. These guys focused on the basics

Level 1

Stances, footwork, striking, kicking and finishing off with headlock from the side.

Level 2

striking, round kicks, defence against kicks, chokes against a wall and then chokes with momentum.
Everyone did really well! Hope to see you all at the grading on Wednesday.

It looked like Marcus had his guys going through their paces. Groundwork, striking and chokes.
The class finished off with some good old knife defence from the floor. Just a taster of some of the great defence work we do with knives.

Remember grading is on Wednesday. Please remember to bring ALL equipment. This includes groin guard, mouth guard, gloves and lots of water!


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  1. And remember to bring your money to pay for your grading!!!