Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wednesday@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Great class guys, well done!

Class started off with a light warm up with some stretching. Then into the 300.
100 push ups
200 sit ups
300 squats

Well done to Stephen and co for their effort.

Class kicked off with drills on the pads using long, mid and short range tools. Simulating an attack from an aggressor who is moving in at speed from a distance.

Then into some good old fashioned wrestling. The emphasis this time on using that grey matter and applying the tools that have been learnt in previous classes.

With that, we then shifted into an attack that surprises you. Eyes closed and a little hit to the chin for realism. Up goes the defence whilst the attacker continues to throw punches. The aim here is to kick out and get clear of the area.

Something that is not strictly self defence but is just a little fun for the guys is SPARRING.
On this occasion, we only allowed 1 fighter to use all the tools whilst his opponent could only use kicking or punching.

Then to finish off a great class it was back to wrestling. This time 1 fighter had to wear 16oz gloves and could only pound into the ribs. Great bit of defence for his opponent.

Remember guys, always bring a set of gloves, gum shield, shin pads and plenty of water to every class. You never know what we may be doing!

Thanks for a great class guys!



  1. Totally enjoyed the training tonite as i do every Krav nite.
    A big thanx to Lee for taking the class you did the club proud what with Marcus being absent cheers m8 it was a good one.

  2. I'm going to be getting choked in my sleep tonight!!!

    John M

  3. Thanks Stephen!

    It was a great class and everyone trained really hard.

    Please bring along full kit to every session as you just don't know what we will be covering in class.