Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wed 28/08/08

Last night we kicked it off with combatives on the pads and then turned them into situationals. We then concentrated on outside knife attacks with a slashing movement. We looked at KM defences that work off our startle flinch response. So these aren’t ideal but we are making the best of a bad situation. Remember, these were defences when we are really taken by surprise. I explained that the second defence that we used was one where we are unsure of the angle of attack. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to put this into a multiple attack situation but we will next week I promise. So for those of you who forgot trainers, you better remember them next week or you will be back in the leper colony at the back of the room. And I will try and find the footballs so we don’t have to play dodgeball with the rugby ball. I have to thank Mark Davies for reminding me of the joys of dodgeball. I cant believe the club has functioned so long without it. Sometimes I just want to play the game for the full class!

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