Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Drawpoint Seminar Review

Following on from Europes first Bowie Seminar Mark Davies presented Europe’s first Drawpoint seminar

The system was created by Master at Arms James A Keating, Drawpoint is one of the most effective self defence systems available & is very easy to learn. Master at Arms Keating based the entire system to build logically upon 3 basic drills. Unlike most knife systems where the knife is 'magically' already in your hand, Drawpoint is based upon getting the weapon into the fight. A lot of people ask me what the point of this type of training is in the UK where you're probably not going to use a knife in self defence. Well..... firstly you may find yourself travelling to countries that actually believe that the individual should have the right to be able to defend themselves realistically against armed criminals. Secondly, Drawpoint is a CONCEPTUAL SYSTEM. You can use it with improvised tools such as a good sturdy pen, mini flashlight, kubaton, stinger- in fact anything you can grip in your hand. Because Drawpoint is 'point' oriented, not 'edge' oriented, it translates to impact tools very well. Perfect for this country. It also works as an extremely effective unarmed system.
Mark stated that the knife used should ideally be under 6 inches. Anything larger than this then it wouldn’t make sense to use it in a reverse grip.

The day began with the rotary claw and rotary picking drill and then hubud was introduced as this made is easy to blend the three drills together seamlessly. Mark continually stressed the need for sensitivity throughout the day. In order to be effective you have to be relaxed so that you can feel any counter attack and also to successfully interpret energy. Mark took a live blade and showed that by holding it in two fingers it would easily penetrate one of the wavemaster kicking bags. Sacrificing the wavemaster was an expensive way to demonstrate that a knife does not require bone or muscle mass to be effective.

A large part of the day was working through the drills and blending them. On certain drills one side would start the drill empty hand with the knife in their waistband and then introduce it into the fight.

The cover and slash drill was introduced and was trained in regular front grip and then reverse grip. Then is was onto the pallasut drill and then back to drilling them altogether and being able to flow between them having the ability to interpret the different angles and decide the appropriate response.

The day finished off with Mark adding in some situationals. Mark stressed throughout the day that the course would be drill based and he wasn’t spoon feeding people. The aim was for participants to go away practice and find it for themselves, which is much more fun and developmental. It would also suit people who train in different styles. This way they have a way to get the knife into the fight and then use in a fashion that suits them.

Mark hopes to run a more advanced drawpoint course in 6 months time where he will address multiple opponents along with other things. There will also be another level one drawpoint course in the near future.

I think Drawpoint is a great system and can be readily used by anyone regardless of any prior training. As long as you think conceptually then you cant go wrong. The drills are interesting and most of all fun. There is hours of playtime there. Get yourself along to the next one.

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