Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Kettlebell Basics, Mobility & Bodyweight Drills

Sunday 22nd June 13.00 - 16.00

Energy Gym, Boroughmuir RFC

Infinite Mobility - Essential drills to keep you injury free Body Weight Training - Simple, effective, equipment free training Key Kettlebell lifts - including the Swing, Press & Turkish Get Up, to accelerate performance.
Total body training - focusing on core strength & endurance.
Fat torching conditioning without the indignity of aerobics!

£45 for 3 hours of Expert Instruction (£40 for KME participants) 20% off Kettlebells for all Participants from

To book contact Tel - 07904 605645

"I found the the body weight and mobility training as edifying as the kettlebell instructions themselves. The workshop focused on the understanding and use of the proper techniques required. I would try to persuade anyone interested in in kettlebell training or simply their own well being to attend"
Stephen - Edinburgh

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