Sunday, 22 June 2008

Drawpoint Seminar - Sunday 29 June 10-4

Tactical Edge HQ

£25 per person

Following on from Europes first Bowie Seminar we're presenting Europes first open Drawpoint seminar!

Created by Master at Arms James A Keating, Drawpoint is one of the most effective self defence systems available & is very easy to learn. Master at Arms Keating based the entire system to build logically upon 3 basic drills. Unlike most knife systems where the knife is 'magically' already in your hand, Drawpoint is based upon getting your weapon into the fight. Alot of people ask me what the point of this type of training is in the UK where you're probably not going to use a knife in self defence. Well..... firstly you may find yourself travelling to countries that actually believe that the individual should have the right to be able to defend themselves realisticaly against armed criminals, so when you're out of this lace panty politically correct country you will likely be able to carry a defensive tool. Secondly, Drawpoint is a CONCEPTUAL SYSTEM. You can use it with improvised tools such as a good sturdy pen, mini flashlight, kubaton, stinger- in fact anything you can grip in your hand. Because Drawpoint is 'point' oriented, not 'edge' oriented, it translates to impact tools very well. Perfect for this country. It also works as an extremely effective unarmed system.

We will start off working through the three Drawpoint core drills- Rotary pick & claw, Cover & Slash & Pallasut. Once we have everyone up to speed on them we'll start using the Pekiti Tirsia drill of Hubud to the blend. Next we'll start working on the application of the drawpoint system in different situations. Finally we'll devote a good bit of time to the use of improvised, impact & unarmed tools using the Drawpoint system.

This seminar is open to ANYONE regardless of experience, style or association. You don't have to have ANY weapons based experience to really enjoy this course. Please get all names and payment to me this Wednesday and then we can organise transport. Drawpoint forms a major part of the Tactical Edge syllabus so I strongly suggest attending this course if you are a regular student. One days training is equivalent to around 10 regular classes when you consider the quality of Mark’s instruction.


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