Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wednesday at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tonights class was on the Meadows for all you that turned up at the Judo club. It has been on the blog for some time!!

The class started off with some fitness drills in groups of 3. We then moved into pairs and did some basic striking.
We then went into take downs, kicking and then drills to increase our techniques.

Another good class for the group to master some of the basics in a different surrounding's. The wet grass and having shoes on, made it that little more real!

Feedback on this would be appreciated. During the summer we plan to incorporate more of this training into the syllabus.

Marcus and Lee

Remember Sundays Fitness class with Kettlebells WILL be on at 3pm. Location is the the entrance to the tennis courts on the Meadows playing fields. If you have a kettlebell bring it along!


  1. Wednesday's training at the Bruntsfield links was good. It was a welcome change being outside and getting shin kicked with shoes instead of bare feet, it gave a good idea of what it would feel like to be the recipient.

  2. I enjoyed training outdoors, look forward to more of it, next time I'll wear footwear that can actually give me purchase on the grass!


  3. afraid im not gonna make sunday fitness :(