Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Training outdoors Wed 9 April

Both the Krav Maga and Tactical Edge classes will be held outdoors. The KM class will feature heavily on Russian Kettlebell training and the direct links to Krav Maga training. The Tactical Edge class will have us training edged weapons in darkness. Tactile sensitivity is going to play a big part in this class! The venue will be Bruntsfield Links where we have trained previously. Just a stone throw from Montpeliers. I will stick a map up later in the week. If you need to get the bus up there then you can get a 16, 23 or an 11. There is plenty on street parking at that time. If you have a KB then bring it, if not don’t worry there will be plenty on hand. Try and wear some form of comfortable clothing. I don’t care what the weather is we are still on. We live in Scotland so we don’t have the luxury of waiting for a bright day. This is genuine hard style training so leave the lycra at home. See you there at 6.30.


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