Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Monday 3rd @ Krav Maga Edinburgh

Training Last Night

Last nights class focussed on stand up and then some ground work with a big emphasis on fun and development. As long as we keep in mind that the ground is the last place we want to be in terms of SD it’s ok. If you do find yourself on the ground then get back up as fast as possible. Keep in mind that outside of the training hall your are not looking to lock someone and submit them. At a push perhaps choke them out, but this takes time and again, making someone go unconscious is generally not a healthy thing to do. If we end up in a lock then more than likely it will go snap than tap. Restraining one person is fine, but here in Scotland the majority of attacks are multiple attackers. We finished the night off with a game of ground tennis! We were grappling however, you had to keep a tennis ball in each hand. A great work out and it really develops your ground game.

Happy Birthday

Krav Maga Edinburgh is now one year old. A big thank you to everyone who trains and a special big thank you to all the guys who have been there from the beginning. I promise to make this next year even better in terms of content and seminars.

Shout Out

I just wanted to say a big well done to Stephen Jackson who over the last few months has attacked his training 100%. Stephen is the first to jump straight into all the physical drills and in many cases the first to complete them. He will hate me for saying it but he is the oldest guy at the club yet he is powering past guys much younger. Its this level of heart and dedication that ultimately pays off. Well done and please keep it up.


Craig, stop changing nappies and get back to training.

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  1. I'm glad to hear he's the oldest guy in the class. I won't be seeking verification however ! lol