Monday, 28 January 2008

Monday night@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tonight's class started off with Rannoch bringing Combat Ready to KME. Another hard nights training in store for all who were brave enough to do this and KM!
After attending Rannoch's Kettle Bell Seminar on Saturday (which I thought was an excellent introduction to the "BELLS")and the KME fitness class on Sunday I was pushed to the limit.

If you have thought about Kettle Bells as a way of conditioning then I would definitely recommend you attend one of Rannoch's seminars. Roll on the summer when we can get out onto the park with them.

Krav we focused on the flinch and then preemptive strikes.At the end Carol still managed to find some time to tear big J's face! The last thing I remember is Carol ground fighting against 3.


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