Monday, 3 December 2007

News@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tactical Edge Seminar With Mark Davies

Another excellent opportunity to train with Mark in the capital as he is being hosted by yet another instructor. This man is high demand right now and is even taking Tactical Edge to Greece in the coming months. Can people who are interested in attending please let me know in advance. I understand that Mark will be covering unarmed combatives and counter weapon. Get those Tactical Edge skills super charged by the founder of the system. One definitely not to miss.


A big congratulations to all the guys from other KM clubs that recently graded to P1 and P2 in Dunfermline under Tamir. If students from other clubs want to come and train with us then you are more than welcome to come along for extra training. There are absolutely no politics involved at this club we all just want to learn and train with whoever we can get our hands on! I would hope this invitation would be reciprocated by the other instructors with clubs in Scotland and even England. I notice from the Google map that we get more hits from down South than in Scotland. Keep in mind that if your instructor goes against cross training or training with other instructors then you are being held back and nobody has the right to stall your development. You are all adults and make choices so make the right ones and don’t blindly follow an instructor because you think they have all the answers. We are lucky enough to train in a club that is home to world champions with the best ground game around. Be it Judo, BJJ or Vale Tudo you get it here. These guys no more about ground fighting than I ever will and that’s why I encourage the guys to train with them. As long as you remember how it all translates into the SD environment then you cant go wrong.

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