Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas to all at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Marcus and Lee would like to wish a merry Christmas to everyone who trains and is associated with KM Edinburgh.

Rannoch has a new KB workshop on 26th January 2008. KM Edinburgh students receive a discount. Please visit for more info.

January 2008 will see the launch of Combat Ready. Keep checking for further information.

I was considering having a student of the year award however, we haven’t quite been running for a year yet. I was thinking a lot about this the other evening and I couldn't decide if one person deserved it over everyone else. Everyone has progressed so well since we all started training together. This is an award that couldn't be given simply on who has achieved the highest grade or was the best fighter. I was thinking about awarding it the person who since coming through the door has progressed the most. In truth everyone has done so well that not one person truly deserves it – you all do. I can honestly hand on heart say that everyone that trains deserves this award. Every week, I see you all getting better in every aspect of what we train be It physical, technique, concept, situational, sparring. You don’t need me to give you a trophy to reinforce this. You know deep down yourself how well you have done and what you are capable of and how far you have come. I love coming along to class these last few weeks and giving you a concept and watch you work away without being spoon fed and managing to come out on top of every situation I throw at you. Rest assured next year will be great for us. I have a lot of new stuff lined up and some great equipment on order to truly enhance our training. So once again a great big well done to everyone and see you all back next year ready to go. It’s a pleasure to train alongside so many like minded individuals. Everyone of us makes KM Edinburgh what it is today.


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  1. merry chirstmass mate, whens tacticaedge edinburgh site coming along??