Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Class 19th November@Krav Maga Edinburgh

A warm welcome to all the new guys that came along to train last night. We focused on defending edged weapon attacks. We looked at defending a slashing attack where we have been taken by surprise and we flinch away from the danger. From there we need to react appropriately to the situation, close the gap and apply forward pressure. Given that we are not focussing on a take down here we need to look at ensuring that the attacker is overwhelmed by us before we exit. We also looked at various drills for making sure someone cannot draw a weapon during the verbal stage. We also looked at dealing with edged weapon attacks whilst in the clinch position. Like I said last night you all have an in built survival mechanism. You have all wrestled when you were a kid. This is no different apart from now we can strike, you have more experience and are stronger. Don’t focus too much on technique as if you haven’t done that technique you could freeze. Just go with it your body will do it all for you if you let it. Remember that from watching Jackie Chan, Van Damme and UFC we all have a perception of what a fight should look like. Unfortunately an attack doesn’t look like any of those. If you make it out a situation no matter how scruffy it looks you have done the right thing. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to spinning kick the knife out his hand!!! See you at class on Wednesday.


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  1. I never wrestled as a kid! (Unless you consider kneeing someone in the nuts wrestling) Some of us were running/jumping/climbing trees instead of attacking people :D