Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Seminar in glasgow

Pleases see the following course that is being organised by Simon Leila of 360 Defence Ltd. Simon is a fellow IKMF instructor based through in Glasgow.

Train with the Head Instructor of physical fitness and counter-terrorism warfare for the Israeli Defence forces, Israeli police and prisons.

Maor is also head instructor of Maor Self Defence , Krav Maga Maor and 360 Defence and both Maor and Krav Maga Maor are self defence methods developed as an extension of Imi (Lichtenfeld) Sde-Or's original Krav Maga Method.

All training is based on real world experience and adapts as the world evolves and is updated as required (Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc) after events, including but not limited to, errors made or counter measures developed by criminals, terrorists or rogue states to the training and work carried out by defence forces, anti & counter terror units and police or prison units as well as more recognisable events such as the 2006 Lebanon War and operations in the Israeli Occupied territories.

Maor trains and teaches all Israeli top units and teams from friendly and major countries all over the world but does not abandon the fundamental objectives of efficiency, simplicity and adaptation to circumstances.

Amnon Maor (Maor) has served for 25 years as a combatant and will provide 5 hours of unique, eye opening, simple and technical training in Edinburgh on Saturday 17th November.

Places are limited and can only be booked online via Seminar


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