Friday, 12 October 2007

Rannoch Donald of Kettlebells Scotland has just launched his new website kettle bells scotland Some of you will have met Rannoch previously when we trained outside and he put you guys through your paces with some KB drills.

I train privately with Rannoch and the benefits of KBs are exceptional. I find that they greatly aid my overall combative strength and fitness and also keep me injury free which is always a concern I have when training regular free weights. Rannoch is a top instructor and the only official RKC instructor in Scotland. His knowledge of combative fitness is encyclopaedic and training with him should definitely be on your list of priorities. Members of Krav Maga Edinburgh who can produce a valid IKMF passport will receive a 10% discount on Kettlebells Scotland training workshops. If you have any questions relating to KB training then just contact Rannoch via the site. Also keep your eyes on the Combat Ready link on Rannoch’s site. This is the programme that Rannoch and I will be rolling out in the near future.


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