Thursday, 4 October 2007

3rd October@Krav Maga Edinburgh

If there was ever any doubt at who the number 1 Krav club in Scotland was last nights class numbers and spectators proves its Krav Maga Edinburgh!

Class started off with a little revision on stances and movement. We then went into some 360 defence with simultaneous strikes. Then we moved into finishing mode.
Did I mention the warm up?
We started off with a taster to what you guys are missing out on at the Monday nights fitness class. I see the boys who attend the fitness class kicked ass. We will be there on Monday night next week at 6.30pm. If you would like to attend drop me an email at
Back to Krav,
Who wants to know about this when I could tell you about the sparring that took place later!
As usual I kicked ass! Sorry karol, I think I give you a good kick to the side and you let out a scream to rival any girl!
Speaking of Karol everyone was avoiding the tank last night! That guy plays for keeps. Ground and pound big fella.
Only 2 blood spills so a relatively quiet night for the resident medic and his magic spray.
Big Blair made a guest appearance for the sparring and wished he didn't. First fight was with me and I choked the fool out! Lol
As you will be aware we had a professional photographer out last night and he took some awesome photo's which will be on the Krav Maga Edinburgh photo gallery soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

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