Friday, 7 September 2007

Next Weeks Class

Just a quick message to let you know that I am planning to hold an extra class next Wednesday from 8-9. The class will cost £2 per person and will focus on sparring and some drills. There will be minimal instruction however, I will be on hand to answer any questions. As a minimum you will need a groin guard, gum shield, 12 0z gloves. If you have MMA gloves then you have to limit your strikes. Remember sparring has nothing to do with self defence but it will help you with rhythm, pace, striking and get you used to contact so it’s a good idea to take part if you can. Remember if you feel uncomfortable at any point you stop. Or if it’s not for you then you don’t need to participate however you might like to watch and see what it’s all about.

Remember we have our drinks planned for the Thursday as well. I have also ordered a lot of stingers (self defence tools) so I hope to focus part of the coming classes on the ways to deploy these. We are also going to look to training in regular clothes and in different surroundings. I am in the process of ordering more kit which should make for some interesting future training sessions. Remember the more you train outside the class the more we can go at it safely in class. Plus we can look to do some further more advanced drills once we have all the basics drilled in to us. Like I said last night there was a huge improvement in everyone. Its all about controlled aggression – turning that switch on and off at the correct times.

If anyone has any questions then get in touch.

Hope to see you all at training

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