Wednesday, 26 September 2007

26th September@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tonight's class started off with an introduction to the 300 as its now been labelled. First off find a partner and then its over to 100 push ups, 200 squats and 300 sit ups.
Marcus called a halt before we managed to finish but I have to say that Chris and myself had this one in the bag!! How did the Monday night fitness boys find this one. Surely its a breeze!

We then moved into some techniques on the pads followed up with when it goes to the ground. You really need to protect yourself down there especially from multiple attackers.

The class split into 2 and from what I saw it looked like most of you were working on break falls and rolls.
A few of us got the new head protection on and started to hit the shit out of each other. My head is still thumping from Chris thinking I was a punch bag. You also bit me and have left a bite mark you shit. I owe you a few next week in sparring

Remember the fitness class is on this Monday night at the Meadows Playing Field at 6.30pm.


  1. Was a bit better at the push up's. This might sound crazy but I think I might be better at them on the mats as they are a bit "springy" and give me a little help getting back up.

    The squats were really easy.

    But we never got onto the sit up's.

    See you on Monday, have a good weekend.

    Steven M

  2. My legs were destroyed by the free squatting!

  3. That was John by the way.

  4. tell you what ive pulled a muscle in my stomach! i can barely move...and i did my best to avoid the 300 lol

  5. Glad to hear it guys.
    We should challenge the club to the push ups and squats challenge. Lets see how long they would last!