Thursday, 23 August 2007

Class 22nd August @Krav Maga Edinburgh

Another good turn out especially as the football internationals were on T.V last night.
Class focused on 'when it all goes to XXXX'. What to do if you end up on the floor and have multiple attackers. Knife defence with an injured limb.

Sorry Johnathon you had it tough from both Marcus and myself. That will teach you though for elbowing me in the face.(PS nice pink shirt!!!)

Remember next week we will be up at the Bruntsfield Links for class. 6.30pm start time but try and get there for before that so that we can start as early as possible. I will post a map over the next few days showing location and what equipment will be needed.
There are only 4 places left on Mark Davies seminar so if you have not already please book NOW
This will be a great learning experience for everyone who attends. Please view the short video clips on the blog for a sneak preview of some of the techniques that will be taught on the day. For more information on Mark Davies please follow the link to the Tactical Edge site.

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  1. lee can you make sure i have a place on this please, will pay you on wed