Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Krav Maga Edinburgh class 27th June

Wholly Shxx! That was some beasting we took tonight. Who put on the questionnaire more fitness? Sounded like a good idea but it hurt.
Anyone else think so? Your thoughts please!
Also, did any of you guys have any luck in putting the posters up in your work? If you need more then just ask.
I couldn't stay for the stick class, how was it?
Krav Maga


  1. that was the hardest night i had since iv been there but it was good though

  2. The warm up was good last night. At the time I thought I was going to be sick, I was that knackered.

    Today it just hurts all over.

    The sick class was good too. We learnt pre emptive moves for over head and side strikes.

  3. That was a total body shock in the beginning but it is what I need, even if i felt like I was going to hurl.

    The stick class was good. We covered defending attacks from straight-line vertical/horizontal and baseball style swings.

  4. Damn, man! I am hurtin' in places I didn't know existed today. In hindsight it was good to see just how far our limits were in terms of pure endurance but it was crap at the time.

    I put my poster up at work and it's generated some interest - might have a few takers in the coming weeks.

  5. Yep, warmup was good - it's way too easy to not push yourself when exercising just by yourself!
    The Thai-kicks bit gave me the most bruises the class' ever given me, might think about buckling the Thai pads properly next time : )
    Stick work was fun, though I can see myself easily getting the different defenses mixed up without more practice. Time to go into a poolhall wearing the wrong colours ;)