Thursday, 14 June 2007

Krav maga Edinburgh Class 13th June

Last nights class was very entertaining. Marcus took us away from Krav Maga and introduced sticks and tactical edge.
Please could you leave comments on how you found the class last night and if you would like more of these events!! Tactical Edge
To follow on from what Marcus was talking about last night. Gum shields and groin guards are a must. These are all available from Marcus at very good prices.
I know a lot of you guys have problems getting the girls. Could you imagine if you were looking like this!! I wont even go there with what would happen if you got a bruised set of ........although I think some of you guys would like that sort of thing!
So the big question this morning is who got home and tried out the knife experiment? I guess we will find out next week when you don't attend class.
If you have not already, take a look at Marcus's new instructional article on the Krav Maga Edinburgh


  1. The Tactical Edge stuff was really good - it's practical, it gets straight to the point and it's easy to see that it would be effective in a real-life situation. Anything that teaches you how to take away your attacker's ability to attack you has to be a good thing to include in our weekly sessions. I'm well pleased that Marcus is throwing in stuff from a bunch of different disciplines. I'm taking the class because I want to know how to defend myself, so it makes perfect sense to me to use whatever works and I would think most martial arts have something of value to offer.

  2. Yeah, tried the knife experiment at the weekend. It didn't break the skin, even with some pressure applied.

    Learning to defend yourself from a knife attack was good. Would like to know more about this, for example being attacked from different positions or by different objects like broken bottle etc.

  3. Glad to hear it Steve. We dont want to be one class member down through to a slashing incident!